Komanduri Seshadri’s performance was a rare concert of exquisite musical charms that kept the audience captive.

A five-day 67th Thyagaraja Aaradhanotsvam under aegis of Sri Vijaya Thyagaraja Sangeeta Sabha was held on an impressive note at Sankaramatam, Visakhapatnam. Scintillating vocal concert by Hyderabad-based renowned Komanduri Seshadri on the third day was the highlight of the event. Ably accompanied by Komanduri Venkata Krishna on violin and Dhanwada Dharmarao on mridangam, his concert was aglow with pure classicism.

He began it with Viriboni varnam. Raga Kambhoji for Neeve Nannu was his choice for delineation. With an accent on raga bhava, he delved deep into its depths letting its charms unfold a spectrum of myriad shades. The swaras structured with vivid imagination are reflective of his command over the idiom of music. Rooted in bhakthi bhava the way his rendition brought the lyrical nuances to fore further enhanced its emotional appeal. Another raga that twinkled in his flowing manodharma was Pantuvarali for Apparama bhakthi.

He excelled in exposition of the devotional import for Vandemataram Ambika, a paean in praise of the glory and grandeur of Goddess Rajarajeswari in raga malika. With swara shifts from Sindhubhairavi to Hamirkalyani, Dwijavanthi and Vatsa a janyam of raga Dhenuka being soft and alluring, it soaked the audience in soulful music. It was a rare concert of exquisite musical charms that kept the audience captive.

In the morning session, he gave an erudite lecture demonstration on the beauty of raga in the compositions of Thyagaraja.

The utsav commenced with a vocal concert of Tirupathi-based reputed Dwaram VJ Lakshmi. She sang with a sense of absolute involvement and that music is in her blood was evident throughout. She commenced it with popular Vaatapi of Deekshitar in raga Hamsadwani that set the tone for the session. Her raga essays were well-structured and improvisations were deft. She seems to have a penchant for exploration raga in its varied dimensions and her delineation of raga Dharmavati bore an eloquent testimony to it and adept swarakalpana attested to her grip over the matrix of notes. She chose raga Behag for RTP and laced its contours with wonderful casements of charming phrases displaying her virtuosity. Be it a Kannada composition in Mohanakalyani or a Tamil one in Kanada her ability to coalesce vocal with imagination was awesome.

Mavuduri Satyanarayana Sarma came up with sparkling phrases on violin particularly for raga Dharmavati and Behag and Mavuduri Suryaprakasa Rao on mridangam was adroit.

The second day proceedings included presentation of gold medals to young and upcoming artistes Chaganti Ramya Kiranmayi and Manda Pratusha Sruthiravali and they presented impressive concerts.