“It's all beautiful western classical music from the piano repertoire and we are very excited,” said Neecia Majolly when asked about the assortment in the forthcoming piano festival in the city.

The Majolly Music Trust, in collaboration with Theme and Kawai Pianos, is organising a Classical Piano Festival here on July 21 (7.30 p.m.), July 22 (7 p.m.) and 23 (6.30 p.m.) at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore.

Featuring Natallia Kapylova, a Belarusian pianist settled in Bangalore; Chelsea de Souza, the amazing young pianist from Mumbai; and Neecia Majolly, the Founder-Trustee of Majolly Music Trust, the three-day fest is to create a pension fund for aging and infirm musicians.

Says Ms. Majolly: “I had planned a modest concert with Natallia but the Theme Music Company (providing us the pianos) insisted that I take it on a bigger scale. Hence I play on July 21, Natallia on July 22 and Chelsea on July 23.”

The Majolly Music Trust, which took off in February this year, plans to have a festival of sorts every year bringing in variety.

The programmes

Western classical aficionados can looked forward to Beethoven and Chopin piano concertos during the fest. Says Ms. Majolly: “On the first day, we have classical piano from the baroque and classical eras; the second day will be an evening of Chopin, and on the concluding day there will be a range from the classical to the 20th Century eras.”

So is the city seeing young enthusiasts taking to the Western classical scene?

“In my 15 years in Bangalore, I have seen a positive growth not only in the number of western classical concerts, but also with more and more people interested in learning. We get enquiries every day! Piano is among the most popular instruments that people want to learn, followed by vocal lessons,” she says.

For donor passes, call 9844628219/8123394498 or email majollymusict rust@gmail.com