Bangalore’s musicians share their experience listening to Metallica latest single, Lords of Summer – First Pass Version

Very few bands have really stood the test of time. One of them that have become synonymous with endurance is heavy metal band Metallica. Since its inception in 1981, Metallica have become one of the most influential and commercially successful musicians in history.

Their latest single via Blackened Recordings titled ‘Lords of Summer – First Pass Version’ recalls the band’s thrashier 80s soundscape. MetroPlus talks to the city musicians for their take on the ‘Nothing Else Matters’ metal pioneers.

Mithun Raj (Munz) of The Down Troddence has always being a Metallica fan. “Metallica was a stepping stone for my music. When I started my musical career, someone gave me their Black Album and that changed my life. Even when they released Death Magnetic, most people hated them, but it still is one of my favourite albums and I appreciate their versatility in music. The new song is fantastic and wicked – a true old school Metallica recall. All the haters have no option but to hail the masters. I’m pretty sure their upcoming album will feature similar sounds.”

On how much of Metallica will remain in the future, Mithun says they will always be around. “We have seen many changes in metal bands. But these guys have always been top-notch and in their element. It’s really hard to sustain a career as a metal band for so long. Their endurance for over 30 years is testament to their consistency. After the 90s, they are one of the top metal bands in the world.”

Gaurav Basu from Inner Sanctum says he liked Metallica in the late 80s and early 90s when they were in their prime. “They were younger and they reached the level they are now because they were phenomenal back then. Obviously you can’t expect the same amount of energy now. Even if you look at Death Magnetic, they definitely had better songs back then. But it’s good that they are revisiting their old soundscape. They were always a hard working band and, despite being old guys now, still command the respect of music lovers.”

He adds that it would be safe to say that without Metallica, there wouldn’t be a lot of bands playing what they do today. “Indirectly in some way, Metallica have touched lives and changed them forever.”

Nolan Lewis of Kryptos says the song took him by surprise. “Their time has passed but the song and its killer riff reminded me of their early glory days. It sounds pretty good compared to what they released recently.”