V. Sindhu's vocal recital in Palakkad had an interesting selection of compositions.

V. Sindhu, daughter of violinist Nedumangad Sivanadan, came up with a fine vocal concert in Palakkad.

She began her concert with ‘Guru Brahma,' a sloka in Behag. This was followed by T.R. Subrahmaniam's Adi tala varnam ‘Vanajaksha.'

Two rare compositions – Suddhananda Bharathi's ‘Mahaganapathim' in Thilang and S. Ramanadhan's ‘Bhavapriye Bhavani' in Bhavani – came next.

Sindhu was able to bring out the bhava of ‘Varuvaro varam tharuvaro, a Tamil composition by Gopalakrishnabharathi in raga Shyama.

A fast rendering of Tygaraja's ‘Sadamathim' in Gambhiravani preceded a sedate ‘Gangeyavasana,' a Swati kriti in Hameerkalyani.

Stately Kalyani

Annamacharya's ‘Purushothamulu' in Bhoopala, set to Khadhachapputhala, paved the way to the highlight of the concert, a luxurious treatment of Kalyani, illustrating subtle nuances of the raga in aesthetic sancharas.

She was ably accompanied by Kodunthirappully Subbaraman on the violin and Kallekkulagara Unnikrishnan on the mridangam.

Subbaraman came up with soulful essays on the violin.

One of the Navavarana- vibhakthi krithis of Dikshithar, ‘Kamalambam bhajare', set to Adi tala (two kala), was sung with grace and elegance in an apt slow tempo and was adorned with niraval and swaraprasthara.

Sobriety marked the measured strokes and korvais in Unnikrishnan's tani. Before she condcldued with the Dhanasree thillana of Swati Tirunal, she rendered the sloka ‘Kasthuritilakam' and ‘ Bhavayami Gopalabalam' in Yamunakalyani.