B.L.O.T.'s brand of electronic music includes recordings of news clips and old films, and abstract video

Electronic music set to abstract videos — the recent performance by Basic Love Of Things aka B.L.O.T. at CounterCulture here held promise as a unique electronic act. Avinash Kumar, a designer, and Gaurav Malaker, a full-time DJ, have been performing as B.L.O.T. for five years, spreading their infectious beat wherever their journeys take them.

The visual aspect of the performance is handled by Avinash. He documents sights around him, from the obscure to the banal — think a cobbler working unnoticed by the side of the road — and compiles them to complement the soundtrack chosen and recorded by Gaurav.

Their music itself is an eclectic mix of styles. Mixed into this are distinctive dialogues and scenes from old films, turned into a groovy track set to beats.

At the performance at CounterCulture, the ‘music' included recordings of news clips. These were efficiently remixed with pauses and loops, making for some hilarious moments.

They also showcased techno and remixed rock sounds, and even broke into a special such as an electronic Michael Jackson song.

The music rise and fell, from soft to loud, unexpectedly turning soothing, with the transitions leaving the audience eager for more.

Mystic setting

Lit by candlelight, the stage was set to ensure that the videos were the centre of attraction. The half-cut drapes in front of the screen gave the videos a 3D effect.

While the beats made one move, the videos — other than the news, the crawling hands were hard to ignore — elicited small smiles from the audience.

The overall act sent one into a different zone. With music reflective of the risks the artistes have taken, it was, as Avinash described his exotic enterprise, a “collective of collectives”.


Beat BoxMarch 9, 2011