Much of their music falls squarely in the feel-good rock category, a term the band has often been associated with

Combine major-scale guitar chords with insistently up-tempo drums, and you begin to get some idea of the music of Solder. It doesn't take too great a stretch of imagination: by all indications, they want to keep it simple, and play to their strengths.

The name

Doesn’t play on some metal terminology to link to metal-style music (as in, say, Metallica or Iron Maiden): they don’t even play heavy metal. One day, the guitarist’s cable malfunctioned. “Let’s make our own cables!” suggested somebody. So they went ahead, bought the cable wire and jacks, and actually assembled a guitar cable – by soldering. The cable lasted for about ten days. “But it was the first thing we did together. So we decided to call ourselves Solder,” said vocalist and guitarist Siddarth Abraham.

Perfect for

Times when you need a pick-me-up, or moments that you aren’t particularly fond of the world. The near-oppressively-cheerful music – complete with occasional backing vocals from the rest of the band – and hyper-energetic live shows mean some of that energy is sure to be transferred to listeners. It is not challenging or cerebral music.

The reason behind the rhythm

“None of us are metal boys,” explained Siddharth on their sound. The kind of sound they have cemented for themselves over the three years they have played as a band wasn’t a conscious rejection of the ever-popular metal sound: it just happened organically. “That’s the kind of feel-good music we like to make,” he said, referring to tracks like ‘Irish Coffee’ and ‘All By Myself’.

Solder are

Siddarth Abraham (vocals/acoustic guitar), Sylvester Pradeep (guitar/backing vocals), Akhilesh Kumar (guitar/backing vocals), Samson Philip (bass/backing vocals), and Joel Rozario (drums and percussions/backing vocals).

Catch them next at

The Harley Rock Riders concert: November 24, Clark's Exotica. They’re playing alongside home-grown bands Galeej Gurus and Kryptos, as well as Swedish metal band Wolf. There is also an album in the works: follow them at

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