R. Vedavalli lent a veteran's touch to her concert.

The first major concert of this season was by veteran Vedavalli, who appeared to be in good spirits that evening. She began with the lively ‘Entharaneetanaku' in Harikhambodi with niraval and swaras for the Charanam ‘Seshudu Shivuniki.'

A short alapana of Yadukulakhambodi was the preface for the Navagraha kriti ‘Divakaratanujam.' A neat elaboration of Lathangi followed, with commendable vocal support by V. Sumitra. It was almost like a jugalbandi at times, be it in alapana or niraval or swaras, when Vedavalli would take off as Sumitra was singing an attractive phrase as if it was irresistible to do so. Pakkala Ramdoss on the violin was a pale shadow. Patnam Subramania Iyer's ‘Aparadamula' was rendered in this raga with niraval and kalpanaswaras at ‘Veganannubrovu.'

Rare song

The main item was Thodi followed by Dikshitar's rarely heard ‘Dakshayani Abhayambike.' An exhaustive alapana shone, showcasing the senior's experience and vidwat. Whenever she had some problem with her voice, particularly at the top octave, Sumitra made up for it by taking over briefly at her guru's gesture. A brief tanam came before the kriti, in which niraval and swaras were taken up for the pallavi. The violinist did a better job in this item.

Arun Prakash gave excellent support on the mridangam ably supported by Guru Prasad on the ghatam. The same spirit echoed in their tani avartanam as well.

The concert concluded with Purandaradasa's ‘Kandena Kanasinale' in ragamalika, ‘Avataram Seydiduveere' in Jonpuri and a thillana.

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