‘Sai Bodha’ has Shirdi Sai Baba songs by eminent vocalists

Saints of yore also have a period of popularity. Riding on the crest in the present day scenario is Shirdi Sai Baba. Songs, bhajans, stage plays depicting Sai Baba's life and message have been doing the rounds for the past few decades. As technology progressed, one such CD has hit the market recently: ‘Sai Bodha' conceived and produced by R. Baba Krishnamohan and R. Sudha.

Songs on the Baba by eminent musicians like Bombay Jayashree, Shankar Mahadevan, Priya Sisters, S.P. Balasubramaniam have been weaved in a way that would present a thematic composition when viewed as a whole. Prof. C. Mrinalini's commentary on the teachings of Baba and his life provide an insight into the saint's message for those who are not familiar with Shirdi Baba. Each message of his has been transformed into lyrics by V.B. Saikrishna Yachendra. For instance the very opening song, sacchidaananda swaroopude.. sung beautifully by Bombay Jayashree upholds Baba's preaching that bliss (state of Ananda) is ultimate goal to realisation. Mitamuga bhashinchute.. rendered by the sonorous Shankar Mahadevan conveys the importance of vakku or speech which can make or mar a person. Faith or vishwasamu is the foundation on which everything else rests as in the song by the same title sung by none other than the Priya Sisters. Patience or vorpu, devotion (bhakti) and finally knowledge of the ultimate reality (brahma gyanamu) have been interpreted through series of songs. Music by M.S. Madhukar is just up to the mark. A complete hearing of the CD finally makes one feel that even the best of singers cannot lift something that does not click due to poor lyrical quality.

For those interested to add another devotional CD to their collection, ‘Sai Bodha' priced at Rs. 125 is available with Virgin Records (India) Pvt. Ltd. in any of the music outlets in the city.