The legendary genius Dr. T.V.G. and the multifaceted European maestro Siegfried Kutterer, will be performing in Chennai on Nov 18

Confluence is a unique effort to connect different musical and cultural genres, conceived and composed by Guruji Dr. T.V.G and Siegfried Kutterer. The logic and discipline of Indian classical music connects with the free improvisation and movement of jazz and percussion. It is a fine play and balancing act between the similarities and accruals of the two musical genres. The powerful performance is a landmark on the Indian musical stage. The concert is staged with the support of Pro Helvetia-Swiss Arts Council and the Goethe-Institut.

The famous T.V. Gopalkrishnan has helped to tirelessly shape the dialogue between east and west through his concerts with George Harrison and representatives of free jazz, and now with Vein, a popular trio from the Swiss jazz scene and DeciBells, a percussion trio from Germany that plays avant-garde music. Siegfried Kutterer has studied Mridangam and the theory of Carnatic music for many years.

Duration: 90-100 minutes

Dates & Venue

Nov 18, Chennai, Music Academy - Book tickets for Chennai show


1. Kanakangi - Golden Shawl

All artists

2. Straight Inside

DeciBells & Vein

Jazz and Western Percussion

3. Mallari

Saxophone, Violin, Keyboard, Percussion

4. Indigo

DeciBells & Vein

Jazz and Western Percussion

5. Chaturangam

Rhythmical musical composition Raga - Swara - Bols - Paran

Voices and Instruments


Global premiere of Confluence in Raga Resikapriya, a blend of European and Indian raga and tala




Siegfried Kutterer

Szilard Buti

Domenico Melchiorre

Jazz Trio VEIN

M. Arbenz, Piano

T. Laehns, Bouble Bass

F. Arbenz, Percussion


T.V. Gopalkrishnan, Vocal, Mridangam

Devie Neithiyar, Vocal

S. Varadarajan Violin

G. Ramanathan, Saxophone

Biju Paulose, Keyboards

Tripunilhura, Radhakishnan, Ghatom

Sponsored by Pro Helvetia-Swiss Arts Council, Goethe-Institute


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