K.N. Ranganatha Sharma charmed the audience with his powerful voice.

The vocal concert of K.N. Ranganatha Sharma at M.D. Ramanathan Memorial Hall, Palakkad, was a sumptuous feast for music lovers. A follower of the Semmangudi bani, Sharma displayed his crystal-clear padanthara at the concert. A strict traditionalist, Sharma, with his powerful voice, brought out the bhava of the ragas. He also rendered devotional compositions with an emphasis on diction. He was ably supported by Trivandrum Sampath on the violin, Kallekkulangara Unnikrishnan on the mridangam, and Payyannu Govindaprasad on the morsing.

Attention to detail

Sharma began the concert with an Adi tala varnam of his guru, T.R. Subramaniam's ‘Chenthilvazh Murukayya' in Hameer Kalyani. This was followed by a lilting Tyagaraja kriti ‘Varasikhivahana Varijalochana' in Supradeepam, which was embellished with kalpanaswaras. A raga alapana of Devagandhari brought to fore the rakthi of the raga. A rendition of Papanasam Sivan's Tamil kriti ‘Sarade Veenavadana Visarade,' with emphasis on the composition's lyrical beauty and musical patterns, was impressive. ‘Enathu Manam,' a Tamil composition in Harikamboji was followed by Panthuvarali ragavisthara of Bhadrachala Ramdas' composition ‘Ennaganu Rambhajana.'

The latter had an excellent neraval and kalpanaswara passages at ‘Premameera…'

The highlight of the concert was a soulful Kharaharapriya; the piece was Tyagaraja's ‘Natachi Natachi.' The piece, which had crisp neraval and arithmetical swarakalpana led to an enjoyable tani by Unnikrishnan and Govindaprasad.

The artiste ended the concert with ‘Irakkam Varamal Poanthenna Karanam' in Behag and a Thillana in Des.

The concert was organised by Sreesabha.