Core 304, the band which has been influenced by everyone from The Eagles to 3 Doors Down to Los Lobos and Gloria Gaynor, is performing in the city

If you feel like you need to step into a time capsule and go back a few decades, Dubai rock/reggae band Core 304 is best the facilitator for your weekend plan. Drummer Anurag Tripathi says it’s all about recall value: “We will take you back to your college days. Days when you had wind in your hair, not a care in the world, listening to ‘Roadhouse Blues’ on your walkman heading to Nandi Hills. (Attend our gig) to shake a leg, have a cold one and enjoy good quality live music.”

While that’s half plea and half enticement, their music should do all the convincing. Core 304 is influenced by everyone from The Eagles to 3 Doors Down to Los Lobos and Gloria Gaynor. The band is on their second India tour (they played in Delhi in April 2013) and play at Bangalore’s bFlat in Indiranagar on September 7, coming into the country after playing a host of gigs back in Dubai, including venues such as Hard Rock Cafe Dubai, Armani Hotel and Global Village. Tripathi adds: “We have also toured other Emirates like Fujairah and Abu Dhabi, where we opened for Indus Creed in support of their UAE tour and album launch last year.”

But Tripathi is a Bangalore boy at heart. He’s taken inspiration from what the Indian and Bangalore rock scene was, before he moved to Dubai nearly decades ago. “Bangalore has always had a very vibrant music scene. I remember from the time I lived there back in 1995, the bands were top notch. Since then, the scene has grown a lot. Bands like Thermal and a Quarter have put Bangalore on the world map with their 30 gig tour of the UK and that makes all of us real proud,” says Tripathi, who adds that members of Core 304 grew up listening to Indian rock veterans such as 13 AD, Shiva, Rock Machine and “all of the western music influence along with the Indian music, both classical and Bollywood.”

While some rock fans may detest Bollywood and Indian classical and look down upon any fusion of sorts, Core 304 isn’t afraid to experiment. For their Bangalore show, they’ll also be jamming with Hindustani classical/Sufi vocalist Smita Bellur. Tripathi says the vocalist, who he met through his father, expressed interest in collaborating with a rock band. The drummer adds: “In one of my trips to Bangalore, I met up with her and found her to be very forthcoming in terms of collaborating. As soon as we started talking of a Bangalore gig, I just knew that we had to try this. She was game. We have exchanged a track over the net and have a bit of an idea what we will do, but that’s how far we have gone. The rest of it will be an unstructured jam, and will throw up music that will be freshly made, on the spot for the audience at bFlat.”

For now, the band feels it’s been quite a journey in the past two years of their formation. Indeed, they’ve gone from their first gig at a friend’s daughter’s first birthday to 50 gigs in 14 months, including opening for the likes of Motherjane in Dubai and playing at the same festival as hard rock band Daughtery, thrash metallers Megadeth and indie rockers RazorLight. “There was no formal plan as such back then, and most of our journey so far has been quite evolutionary, moving from gig to gig,” says Tripathi, also confirming that the band has 11 tracks in various stages of production for their upcoming album.

Core 304 plays at bFlat, 100 ft Road, Indiranagar on September 7, from 8 p.m. onwards.