The third edition of ‘ouRJ' tribute concert to Arjun Vasudev underscores the values of clean music and the unbridled release of creative fun.

Now the party must be over, I guess we'll never understand/The sense of your leaving, Was in the way it was planned.../One by one, only the good die young, They're only flyin' too close to the sun/ We'll remember – Forever!

This song was a hit single written by Brian May, guitarist of Queen, in memory of their vocalist Freddy Mercury. The song describes the pain and the void of someone not being there anymore and for someone like Mercury, whose hegemony over music and contribution is timeless, the emptiness will span generations.


On the early hours of March 27, 2009, Arjun Vasudev met with a fatal bike accident. The next logical and brave step was to pick up the pieces, which — in Arjun's case — was more like chunks, as he had influenced his peers as a talented, committed guitarist. Arjun was a mixed package portraying youthful brashness through the extreme quirkiness of his band TWKC and also revealing an innate sense of fighting against vices. At age 19, those were heavy chunks.

The Arjun Vasudev Trust, formed by family and friends, manages an award in music through the Unwind Center and one in short films through the Loyola College. The Trust also organises the annual ‘ouRJ' Tribute concert, the first of which was on May 15, 2009, a date that was slotted to be an important performance by Arjun's band. This year, the event features Chennai's TNT-driven metal heads Escher's Knot; the snazzy uber-cool Franks got the Funk and ‘experimetal' radicals TWKC.

Did you know Arjun?

Manu Krishnan (drummer Escher's Knot): I've played with Arjun when he was the guitarist for Armor of God. It was a short acquaintance. Now, we are really good friends with the TWKC band; in fact Karthik, their drummer, is my student. We are there full-on to support or help in any way for their cause and keeping the music alive.

Vikram Ashok (Frank's Got The Funk): I'm from a different branch of the PSBB school that Arjun was from. He was my senior, part of the student body and really involved with school culturals and stuff. Again, because they're all from the same school, I know the TWKC guys well.

You are the only non-metal act for the show. What is your involvement for this concert?

Vikram (Franks got the Funk): Recently Handel Jim died from a bike accident, and it's really sad to lose friends like that! We're happy to be able to show our support for this Tribute concert. Lots of people will show up for this gig as Arjun was really a popular guy!

The third year running, the ouRJ Tribute concert lifts up the values of clean music and the unbridled release of creative fun, that epitomised Arjun Vasudev. Live on RJ!


Date: July 11

Venue: German Hall, 17, Prakasam Street, Thyagaraya Nagar, T.Nagar

Donor Passes: Rs.150

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