Kaushiki and Parthasarathy presented rich glimpses of Patiala gharana.

Blessed with a crystal clear voice, Kaushiki, trained by Guru Gyan Prakash Ghosh, gave a concert at the Raga Sudha Hall. Trained in the great musical tradition of Patiala Gharana and other various genres of Indian music, Kaushiki is the daughter of the illustrious Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty.

Singing with precision, she mesmerised the audience with her silken voice. While she soulfully rendered Thumri and Dadra, her powerful khayal rendition stood out for its extreme virtuosity.

Performing alongside was Parthasarathy, her husband, yet another artist of great promise. His deeply resonant and highly cultured voice gave glimpses of the gayaki of his gurus, Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib, the doyens of the Patiala gharana.

Kaushiki began with Hamsadhwani in dhrut teen tal, ‘lagi lagan.’ She rendered the taans most beautifully in varying patterns, unusual aakars, and great sargams traversing the three octaves. Parthasarathy chose one of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib’s Tarana from Raga Bhageshwari in a Jhaptal of 10 beats, followed by a melodious 16-beat rendition of the Tarana, ‘tanana derena tom tanani.’

Another short beautiful piece, ‘Eri main kese ghar jaanoo,’ was embellished with fast sargams and aakars. Kaushiki then rendered a Tarana in Yaman Kalyan, ‘Ode nete dere tadena,’ followed by a Tillana that she had learned from the maestro Balamuralikrishna. Her supple voice helped her touch the Komal Dhaivat and ni, not a small feat to accomplish. The transition was smooth and sonorous.

Then followed an emotionally rich Bhajan by Parthasarathy in Khamaj. A Dadra from Kaushiki reflected the intricacies of the Tappa ang ‘more Sanyian bedardi sanyan re,’ in which she showcased the mand and the khanaj angs in vocal glides that seemed to overtake each other. Then Partha’s weighty voice followed in the Bhajan ‘kasht haran tero ram ho, kamal haran vale siya Ram.’

These were followed by compositions in Yaman in different tals rendered by both together. A tumri style bandish (Kafi) in 14 beats found the couple soaking in melody. They concluded with a famous Tagore song, ‘Akelaa.’