The verve with which Vijay Siva presented the kritis showed his fidelity to classicism.

Vijay Siva is a vidwan who always strives hard to give his best irrespective of the platform he is on. His music is straight forward and so is his demeanour off stage.

That evening the first phrase of Pantuvarali he chose for delineation suggested that a vintage treat was in store for the rasikas. Vijay Siva never belied an expectation, in that, he structured the raga meticulously that was pleasing to the senses.

The nearly full hall showed their acknowledgement with a thunderous applause. Amritha Murali's (violin) reply comprised all the ingredients that were infused by Vijay Siva.

Choosing to sing Karuna joodavamma, Siva portrayed the Shyama Sastri kriti with clear diction (there is a Varali version of this kriti in Mishra Chapu). The verve with which he presented Mohanam, that followed, showed his fidelity to classicism.

Spinning the sancharas into meaningful bright phrases Vijay Siva showed the class he belongs to. The niraval for the kriti Narasimhaagachcha (Dikshitar) sustained the tempo. Vijay Siva next executed a well-planned Kharaharapriya raga alapana and it was in two stages, interspersed with violin interlude, a style followed by musicians of yore. A grand treat for the rasikas with the lengthy sancharas and akaara phrases with all the liberties of a nagaswara vidwan but well within the raga's parameter. Sivan's Srinivasa tava charanam heard after a very long time, at a breezy pace, was refreshing. The swara segment again was rich with the raga content.

Amritha Murali exhibited her prowess proved a good foil. Neyveli Narayanan's (mridangam) anticipatory moves made it even more interesting which he continued in the tani that followed. With no upa pakkavadyam, it was field day for him. He unleashed an array of powerful strokes that gave a fullness to the concert.

Pattabhiramayya's Mayaladi in Suruti was expressive particularly when Vijay Siva showed many variations for the line saami mata. Tiruppugazh, Kavadichindu and Bharatiyar songs are regulars in Vijay Siva's concerts.

While the Tiruppugazh appeared in the beginning of the performance, the concluding pieces included Ootukkadu's Kannan varugindra neram and Bharatiyar's Tondru nigazhnda. The concert concluded with a Dasar kriti.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012