Sargam Musics, Rs. 75.00

This is a Carnatic classical album by one of the most promising vocalists Abhiram Unni.

The six pieces he has chosen in this concert album are all popular ones from the famous composers. Abhiram, with his rich, vibrant, flexible voice, sketches the ragas vividly with each phrase, each word sung with clarity.

The Muttiah Bhagavathar krithi ‘Maathe malayadhwaja…' (Khamas) with which the album begins is perhaps the pick of the pieces rendered. ‘Vaatapi Ganapathim…' (Hamsadhwani), two Swati Thirunal compositions, ‘Gopalaka paahimam…' (Revagupti) and ‘Chaliye kunjan mo…' (Brindavana Saranga), Neelakanta Sivan's ‘Anandanatamaatuvaar…' (Poorvikalyani) and the Tyagaraja immortal ‘Pakkala nilabadi…' (Kharaharapriya) complete the concert.

Nedumangad V. Sindhu (violin), K. Jayakrishnan (mridangam) and Vellattannur Srijith (ghatom) have provided effective backup.

Meenakshi: Gems of Deekshitar

Manorama Music, Rs. 100.00

Muthuswami Deekshitar's compositions are widely sung in Carnatic music concerts. He is believed to have composed on the widest range of deities, more than any other composer. His compositions find acceptance even after all these years because of its depth and soulful melody. His krithis contain pithy information of the history of a temple, background and has helped preserve many of the ancient customs that prevailed in these temples. He has the unique honour of composing in all the 72 melakartha ragas and the only composer to have krithis in all the seven basic talas.

In this album O. S. Thiagarajan presents four of Deekshitar's gems. Included are the most popular of his krithis ‘Mahaganapathim…' (Natta), ‘Sree Saraswathi…' (Arabhi), ‘Ananda natana prakasham…' (Kedaram) and ‘Meenakshi…' (Poorvikalyani). He is accompanied on the violin by T. H. Subramaniam, on the mridangam by Nanjil A. R. Arul and on the ghatom by Kannan Tripunithura.