Sri Sai Seva Chakra’s (SSC) ‘Prem Tarang,’ an audio CD comprising Sri Satya Sai bhajans, was recently released by Mrs. YGP, dean and director of PSBB group of schools. The first copy was received by musician Sudha Ragunathan.

Sabaretnam, chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, was the chief guest, who in his keynote address praised Sai Baba’s service to humanity at large and the compassion he had towards his devotees.

Mrs. YGP referred to the value-based education system fostered by Baba and requested parents to support the teaching staff to spur the educational standards on to a high level.

Sudha Ragunathan in her speech, quoted how Swami has been protecting her at every stage of her life.

Balakrishnan, guest of honour, narrated various services that SSSC has been involved in, over the past few decades. Its global objective is to use the proceeds out of the sale of this CD towards helping the needy.

Maruthuvathukudi Swaminatha Bhagavatar, Samskrita Bharathi, and Nandini, ‘Voice for the Depressed,’ were the first few beneficiaries for the day.