Indraganti Kaliprasad showed fine grasp over musical nuances.

It was a session of soft melodies that enraptured sangeetha rasikas as flautist Indraganti Kaliprasad enchanted the audience at Sri Raghavendra Swamy temple, Visakhapatnam.

Though it was a short session for about an hour and a half, Kaliprasad essayed well to bring out the quintessential elements of the chosen numbers in good measure. That he revels in detailed treatment of chosen raga was evident in his raga essays that reflected his grasp of the entire gamut of what is being played. Ably accompanied by H. Ramcharan on violin, G. Venkatrao on mridangam and M. Kamesh on ghatam, he performed on an earnest note.

He commenced the concert with Yeranapai, a Todi raga varnam set to the cycle of Adi talam and then presented Vaathapi Ganapathim of Muttuswamy Deekshitar in raga Hamsadwani.

Embellished with skilful swarakalpana, it set the good tempo of the session. The devotional fervour in the composition reflected a devotee’s ecstatic state of mind in praising Lord Ganesh and found lilting expression.

Raga Pantuvarali for Sambho Mahavadeva set to Rupaka talam was his choice for elaboration as the mainstay of the session. Decorated with appealing aalapana, fluent neravu and swarakalpana, in its detailed presentation at an amble it stood out. Janani ninuvina in raga Reethigoula and Tillana of Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna in raga Brindavanasaranga were the other highlights of the concert.

Sangeetha Janakulam featured this programme in its monthly schedule.