Anitha Krishna’s vocal recital, featured by Nadabrahmagana Sabha, at Vanaprastha in Vadavalli, Coimbatore, was a wholesome display of her musical repertoire with originality and vidwat.

Endowed with a pleasing voice traversing all the scales effortlessly, her competent execution of the package of songs did not disappoint the listeners.

Voice is her asset

After a nippy start of the Bhairavi varnam, majestic elements in the alapanas of Hamsanandi (‘Paavanaguru’), Kalyani (‘Unnaiallal’) and Shanmukhapriya (‘Parvathi Nayakane’) carrying brigas and special prayogas defining the raga swaroopa and lakshana showed that that this singer has a sharp voice trained for serious music.

The niraval and swaras for the kritis in Kalyani and Shanmukhapriya were ingeniously done adding extra flavour. The tukkadas towards the end served as tidbits.

Sriranjani (violin), Ramachandran (mridangam), Manikandan (ghatam) and Arumugham (morsing) gave agreeable support as accompanists.