Narmadha’s inimitable style and perfect fingering of the violin mesmerised the rasikas.

Shri Rama Gana Sabha Trust, Tiruchi, along with the reputed violinist M. Narmadha, organised a tribute concert in honour of the violin virtuoso M.S. Gopalakrishnan, who popularised the Parur-MSG style.

M. Narmadha mesmerised the audience with her inimitable style of bowing and perfect fingering - a definite seal of the MSG-Parur bani that she propagates. Being well-versed in both Carnatic and Hindustani styles of music she blended the two techniques very well in her rendition of the ragas such as Hindolam, Khamas and Sindhu Bhairavi.

The main raga for the evening was Hindolam in which she exhibited creativity at its best. The gamakas were clear and the gayaka approach was evident. In keeping with the Independence Day flavour of the week she presented the famous composition by Mayavaram Vishwanatha Shastri ‘Jayathi Jayathi Bharatha Matha’ in Khamas and Bharatiar’s ‘Vellai Thamarai’ in Abheri. The note in Sankarabharanam transported the rasikas to the ‘Thillana Mohanambal’ period. Her many years of practice with her father was evident in the Western Note that followed. Throughout her concert there was a perfect mix of Hindustani and Carnatic without breaking the rules of the ragas.

Rich tonal quality

The easy flow of alapanas, niravals and the rich tonal quality of the violin made her concert memorable and outstanding. She proved to be a resourceful artist who could draw the attention of the audience and sustain it till the end.

Her accompanying artists were Tiruchi B. Swaminathan on the mridangam and Tenkasi H. Paramasivam on the ganjira. In the tani avartanam both the artists captured the audience’s complete interest with their interesting jati korvais.

K. Ramasubbu, associate editor, Dinamalar, was the chief guest and felicitations were offered by Vidwan Tiruchi K. Thayumanavan and J. Kanagarajan, vice president of Sangitha Mummurthigal Festival Committee. Saroj Nagarajan, welcomed the gathering and Champa Kalkura, managing trustee of the Sabha proposed the vote of thanks.