Ultimate Dance 2011- Various Artistes

Virgin Records, MP3 CD: Rs. 195

The concept of remixes is now as good as an age old tradition and we invariably lose track of the number of remixes different artistes churn up. Thankfully, the concept of compilation CDs has become the norm and to some degree helps us remember the best remixes of the lot.

“Ultimate Dance 2011” opens with Edward Maya featuring Vika Jigulina on “This Is My Life”, the ultimate dance number at clubs across the world.

The track that follows is a tribute to any party animal that has lost not just his phone on a drunken binge but also his memory of what happened that night. “Last Night”, the wicked number by Ian Carrey feat Snoop Dogg and Bobby Anthony is definitely a sensation.

Akcent makes his mark on this compilation with “My Passion” and of course one of his biggest hits “That's My Name”. The atmospheric dance beats of “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina peps up this already-upbeat album.

Inna's chartbuster “Sun Is Up” which originally received mixed reviews also features on this CD. Her monotonous “Love” can be fast forwarded through, though.

Kurt Cobain might probably roll in his grave each time the remix version of “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Rene Amesz and Baggi Begovic is played. Thankfully the original guitar riff of the classic hasn't been tampered with! You are bound to take to Tim Berg's offbeat “Seek Bromance” almost instantly. There is a track you would feel you have definitely listened to before. From “The Social Network”, Dennis De Latt's “The Sound of Violence” takes you back to the scene where Sean Parker takes Mark Zuckerberg out.

Other numbers included on this 30-track album are Ian Carrey's remix of “Girl”, the buoyant “Take Over Control” by Afrojack feat Eva Simons, Basto's “Gregory Theme”, “2gether” by Roger Sanchez, the queasy “Show Me” by Anda Adam, the sexed-up “I Like The Way” by Eddy Wata and world renowned DJ Sander van Droon's Hymn 2.0, melodic yet pulsating.

If music, as they say, is a universal language, this CD bears formidable testimony of the same with artistes from across Romania and Sweden to the UK and the USA who are a part of this record.

Individually, some hits, some misses. But overall the ultimate dance compilation album.