BAND NAME Null Friction

FORMED Formed 2005

LINE UP Ansh Sanyal (drums), Abhishek Singhal (bass), Shreyans Jha (guitars and vocals)

THEY CALL IT Members of grunge / rock persuasion, alternative rock insurgents

ROAD SO FAR When Abhishek and Shreyans discovered their passion for music back in school (they went to Abacus), they started looking for a drummer. That’s how they met Ansh, who had just moved to Chennai.

The story goes that they had very little idea that Ansh “was not really a drummer” but was just claiming to be one. That didn’t matter as long as they were just getting better and better.

The band recorded its first single 'Somehow' at their school sports room, with basic recording equipment. Soon, they brought out a four-song EP ‘World Wide Quiet’, and began to sell copies at gigs they played.

Regulars on the Unwind circuit, they released their first full-length album ‘Madras’ in July, despite the fact that they were now in three different countries for their collegiate education. They had exchanged individual track recordings over the internet, met in Ottawa to rehearse, and recorded their album at Blue Frog, Mumbai, in June.

One of their former schoolmates Vasundhara Shankari shot a video for them using a still camera stop-motion – a series of 800 photographs taken in quick succession to give it a stylish edgy illusion of moving images.

The latest achievement of this band, with an average age of 19, is breaking into the ‘Top Ten Most Viewed Musicians of India’ on Youtube.

“Null Friction debuted at number 15 on Global Music

Charts, and at number seven on’s National Charts,” says Shreyans.

MUSIC “It’s not about the flashy guitar solos, or the big rockstar attitude. It’s about the small sounds we create in small spaces, the small ideas that inspire small changes, and the small words that make small songs. We are small people who’re working on a big dream,” he adds. The band’s influences include the “maths teacher who was a pain, the ever-lasting hangover, the girl down the street.”


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