A seven-day festival of music and dance marked the anniversary of Andhra Music Academy with a rich fare. Velcheti Subrahmanyam

A seven-day festival of music and dance marking the 12th anniversary of Andhra Music Academy treated connoisseurs to a rich fare at Kalabharati in Visakhapatnam. It got off to a glittering start with noted vocalist Manda Sudharani's concert. Well-versed in the syntax and grammar of Carnatic classical idiom, she dished out a session impeccably rooted in classicism. She commenced it with Vande Vasudevam of Annamayya in raga Sree. Laced with flowing neraval at Mandara Malika, which mandara malika captivated the audience, it soared to further heights much to the delight of music buffs.

Next was the Begada for Nee Pada Pankajamula of Thyagaraja, wherein the devotee's sense of total submission at the lotus feet of the Lord Rama got well-articulated in its presentation. Prefaced with an exquisite raga essay Dharmavati for Bhajana Seyarada of Mysore Vasudevachari sparkled in embellishment with fluent neraval at Niravadhi Sukhada. She chose raga Madhyamavati for elaboration as Ragam-Tanam- Pallavi (RPT) , which shining in its varied hues of musical radiance, turned into a piece of connoisseur's delight. Anaathadanu gaanu Ananduranuganuof Thyagaraja in raga Jingla, Ramajogi mandu of Ramadasu in raga Khamaz evoked warm response. Her talented daughter Sruthi Ravali's vocal support added charm to the concert.

K.V. Krishnan on violin, M.L.N. Raju on mridangam and M. Haribabu on ghatam lent commendable support. Earlier, Sadguru K Sivananda Murthy of Bheemili presented the academy's prestigious awards Sangeeta Vidya Nidhi and Natya Vidya Nidhi to renowned violinist Dwaram Mangatayaru and reputed Kuchipudi maestro K Uma Rama Rao respectively and felicitated them.

On the second day it was a cascade of musical charms, as Priya Sisters — Shanmukha Priya and Hari Priya gave a scintillating presentation. Traversing in perfect coalescence of sruthi alignment and rhythmic precision, the duo's spirited singing held the audience in thrall. Having warmed up the session with Kederagoula varnam, they took up Reethigowla for a composition of Papanasam Sivan that built up the tempo. The elaboration of raga Bhairavi for Upakaramulu Chese of Thyagaraja, was a classic in its own right. The systematic progress displaying majestic demeanour of Bhairavi left rasikas in an exalted mood, while neraval at Kripa kavalenani evoked the feeling of supplication. Their RPT in raga Lalita, the mainstay of the session, was a feast to musical ears. The other pieces that enthralled audience were Atukaradani of Thyagaraja in raga Manoranjani,Karunajooda in Varali, Soundararajam in Brindavani Saranga Narayana nee naamamu of Annamayya in Hindolam and Sarveswari in Sindhubhairavi.

B. Raghavendra Rao's account of raga Lalita on violin was not just an auditory delight but also carried an emotional feel. Ace percussionist P. Satish was dexterous on mridangam and Madipakkam Murali on ghatam was adroit in support.

On the third day a Hindustani treat by Hubli-based vocalist Pandit Jayateerth Mevundi regaled the music lovers. He explored raga Yaman in its varied shades of musical appeal and then presented raga Malkouns in detail. Bhajans in Kanada and Pahadi besides raga Bhairavi enthralled the audience. Jagadeesh Kurtakoti on tabla and Narsipatnam Srinivas on harmonium were at their best.

On the fourth day, it was the Hyderabad brothers D. Seshachari and D. Raghavachari that ladled out the charms of Carnatic classical. The vocalist duo commenced it with Evaribodhna, an Abhogi varnam. Their elaborate treatment of raga Pantuvarali for Ennallurike of Thyagaraja turned to be the crest jewel of the concert. Be it raga Kannadagoula or Todi their musical acumen came to fore in all its richness. The fare for the session included Thyagaraja's Nee Daya Rada in Kalyanavasantham, Sarasa Sama Dana in Kapi Narayani, Dayajoochuta kidi in Ganavaradhi and a Javali in Neelambari.

Dwaram Satyanarayana Rao on violin and D.S.R. Murthy on mridangam lent commendable support.