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Uma Krishnaswamy

Slow and steady…

Well-chosen songs and a relaxed pace were the highlights of Shreya's violin concert »

Sukhanubhavam from Sumitra

Sumitra's flawless rendition with fine modulation sounded more like a veteran's concert.U.K. »

Focus on emotions

The rigorous training that Sriranjani Santhanagopalan must have undergone reflected in her presentation of kritis. »

Strict adherence to patantara

Varalakshmi’s vidwat shone in the way she handled the Madhyamavati raga. »

Penchant for raga alapana

Sugantha Kalamegam revealed the full beauty of Shanmukhapriya in her RTP. The sancharas in the lower octaves registered well and she did ful »

Perfect alapana from a clear voice

Sangeetha Sivakumar let her imagination flow in the Kharaharapriya raga alapana. It was a satisfying and fruitful step by step exercise »

Rare kritis rendered in style

Dr. Vageesh seems to forget himself while singing alapanas which he rendered in traditional form »

Contrast that blends!

Kartik Fine Arts Sathur sisters, Bhuvana and Lalitha, who commenced the concert with Sri Raga varnam, ‘Saamininn...»

Scoring as a team

Kartik Fine Arts Kuldeep Pai’s expansive delineation of raga Bhavapriya with consummate ease, made the audience sit up. »

Sparkling show of sensitivity

Chaste and bhava-laden approach was Seetha Narayanan's USP, while Kanaka Durga was earnest in her presentation. »

Youngsters perfom along predictable lines

A short and bright sketch of Kalyani and Abhogi on the flute by J.B. Sruthi Sagar was followed by a neat presentation, by Sruthi...»



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