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Traversing many realms through music

There was clarity in the raga alapana of Mysore brothers. Saashwathi Prabhu could delve deep into the devotional significance of Tyagaraja k »

Technique, their trump card

The basic training of the siblings Lalgudi G.J.R. Krishnan and Vijayalakshmi helped their incisive minds to detect moorchana spots in ragas »

Fetching images of tranquillity

Each raga and song in Jayasri’s concert served as a vehicle to convey an experience which others have perhaps had but cannot express well. T »

Pace to poise

Sudha's concert was a blend of vintage and contemporary aesthetics. »

In top form

T.M. Krishna's concert stood out on every count. And Jayashree Vaidyanathan, was tradition-bound. »

Tyagaraja, vital for concert's success, says Nedunuri

Nedunuri's concert focused on Sadguru Rasanubhava. This was preceded by his talk on the decreasing number of the bard's kritis in today's co »



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Ganesh and Kumaresh. Photo: S. Siva Saravanan

Celebrating the cosmic dancer

Violin and vocal concerts and discourse concluded the Yaksha fest held in Coimbatore. »