Harmonious notes from Hyderabad Sisters.

A concert by the Hyderabad sisters Lalitha and Haripriya always breathes freshness, not only in presentation of rare numbers but also their prudent method of sharing concert ingredients, besides independent initiatives. Their concert for the South Indian Cultural Association, held at Ravindra Bharati in memory of Santa Devi, was an alluring one.

The sisters traditionally opened their concert with a Saveri varnam Sarasuda with a two-speed swarakalpana that not only exercised their voices but also built rapport with the rasikas. This was followed by popular invocation Raghunayaka in Hamsadhwani, which was rendered with feeling, adding impressive swarakalpana. Lokavana Chatura in Begada of Thyagaraja was a simple but interesting kirtana rendition, rarely presented these days.

The most captivating numbers of their repertoire were the treatment of Simhendramadhyamam for Ninne Nammitinayya and Kambhoji for Sri Subramanyaya Namaste. Simhendramadhyamam was delineated with rich blend of tasteful phrases and rigorous glides, bringing out the strength of and beauty of the melody. The composition was Ninne Nammitinayya of Mysore Vasudevachar projecting its bhakti element. The nereval was handled with fair level of competence. The swara prasthara was a demonstrative exercise of dexterity.