Listen to Saashwathi as she renders kritis and slokas of different composers.

This CD released during the festive season, consists of seven numbers sung by Saashwathi Prabhu, one of the many talented performers from the Lalgudi stable.

The instrumental orchestration is a medley of Western and Hindustani, which has been composed by the singer herself and is of a professional standard. Instruments such as the Western drums, saxophone and guitar have been employed in the orchestra besides the tabla, sitar, flute, violin and the khol.

Popular kriti

Saashwathi’s first rendering is the popular ‘Bagyadha Lakshmi Baaramma’ in Madhyamavathi (Purandaradasa). Padma Shankar provides able support on the violin. Following this ‘Vellai Thamarai’ (Abheri with Chatusruti Daivatham) of Subramania Bharati. The instrumental score for the following kriti ‘Akhilandeswari’ (Dwijavanti-Dikshitar) is noteworthy, particularly the passages played on the sitar.

Saashwathi has effectively vocalised this composition with all the fine embellishments made by her illustrious guru. While repeating the sahitya ‘Jalli Maddala Jarjara Vaadya Naada Mudithe,’ Saashwathi sings it as ‘Sri Jalli Maddala Jarjara Vaadya Naada Mudithe.’ The ‘Sri’ could have been avoided in this context. This in no way hampers the listening pleasure of this song. A composition of Bangalore Ramamurthy in Mohanakalyani in praise of the presiding deity of the Sringeri Math, Saradambal, is pleasing with an arresting chittaswaram composed by Lalgudi (Sangeeta Samrajya). ‘Sri Jagadiswari’ (Ahir Bhairav-Lalgudi) is soothing.

The devotional verses which feature in this disc are ‘Mookambika Ashtakam,’ composed by Sri Indiran (Devas) and part of the Shyamala Dandakam of Mahakavi Kalidasa. The credit for scoring the music for these verses goes to Saashwathi herself, who has done her task well. Padma Shankar has also provided background vocal support for the first two songs.

The artists whose names feature in the inlay card are Satish (flute), Donan (guitar) and N. Sundar (tabla and khol). This album is appealing with the novel approach of combining fusion and classical orchestration by Saashwathi.


Saashwathi PrabhuSwathi's Sanskrithi Series

Audio CD - Classical

Price: Rs 150