You & Me, a western country music album by a mother-daughter duo, is out

When 13-year-old Sheryll wrote a song called ‘A Special You’, her mother, Sarina, asked her who this special person was. “And she told me ‘nobody I just wrote the song’,” says a proud Sarina. In what is probably a first in Kerala, the mother-daughter duo has brought out an album of Western country music, You & Me.

Music is not something new to this family, especially Sarina, who along with her sister Rose, sang with the rock band 13 AD in the early 90s. Since there was so much music around, it was no wonder when Sheryll went musical. Not only did she write the lyrics, she also had the melody ready. At 13 she had one song ready, in a day. “The song just came to me like that…with melody,” says Sheryll, a student of Class 9 in a Thrissur school. She has a clear notion of chords and the orchestration, says her proud mother. Sheryll enjoys singing and is learning Carnatic music.

Sarina is a singer with years of experience behind her not only of having performed in a band but also of having performed live in various venues. Initially the plan was to come out with 12 songs but then it was limited to the six songs in the album. Three songs – ‘Future Generation’, ‘A Special You’ and ‘Why Don’t You Talk To Me’ – are Sheryll’s. The other three – ‘A Better Me’, ‘You Decorated My Life’ and ‘Keep Believing’ are by Sarina. There is an unplugged version of ‘A Better Me’ rendered by Sarina. The orchestration is by Sumesh Parameswar and he also plays the live instruments—lead, acoustic, bass and Hawaiian guitar. .

Life’s lessons and experiences have been the inspiration for the songs, says Sarina as Sheryll nods in agreement and her brother, 10-year-old Shannon, listens intently. It is one of those lessons, about being independent that has prompted Sarina to market the album directly, which means it is available online. Log onto for more information.