American band Saving Abel tell ALLAN MOSES R. what separates them from other rock acts is the dominant Southern heritage Mississippi-blues they richly blend into their Rock ‘n' Roll

The Rock capital of India rocked to the rhythmic, adrenaline-pumping rhythm of platinum record selling American band Saving Abel recently, at the Hard Rock Café in the first leg of their maiden Indian tour. Saving Abel comprises co-founders Jared Weeks singing the lead vocals and Jason Null playing the lead guitar and backing vocals. Scott Bartlett strums the rhythm guitar and also lends his voice while Eric Taylor plucks the bass guitar and Blake Dixon beats away on the drums.

Jared shares insight on the band and narrates their first experience of the subcontinent. “We were taken by surprise to be given such a warm welcome. Nowhere else have we felt such an overwhelming sense of comfort and hospitality. We even spent the entire morning celebrating Holi and though the colours don't come off easily, it was loads of fun,” he said euphorically.

“Initially we were nervous about playing here ‘cause of the language barrier, but the warm welcome put all our fears to rest. We visited some music shops nearby and found some amazing instrumentalists with abstract compositions. It's the music that brings us together after all; uniting us across barriers,” he added.

Formed in 2004 by Jared and Jason who were originally members of rival bands in the battle of the bands that used to happen in their city, the duo have come a long way from gigging in small places to worldwide tours. “We've learnt a lot from each other over the years. We never forget who we are and where we came from and that's kept us together so long. This is what we've always wanted to do” said Jared. Jason Null was inspired by the story of Cain and Abel from the ‘Abel' which he had Googled. The verse ‘There was no saving Abel from Cain' sparked the fuel within and the name stuck and over the years has become an identity to the multi-talented quintet.

Influenced by legends such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash and AC/DC among others, they have been compared to Nickelback, 3 Doors Down and Incubus. But Saving Abel also believes that what separates them from other rock acts is the dominant Southern heritage Mississippi-blues they richly blend into their Rock ‘n' Roll music.

Saving Abel is the first band to have three top five rock hits off their self-titled debut album that they launched in 2008. Saving Abel's biggest hit single “Addicted,” was a number one rock hit selling over a million downloads. Their other songs — “18 Days,” “Running From You,” and “Drowning (Face Down)” are vivid examples of why their music leaves you addicted to them.

Jason and Jared come from different song-writing backgrounds, giving Saving Abel its holistic soundscape. “We like to write about everyday things that people ranging from 16 to 60 years of age can relate to,” explains Jared.

Saving Abel recently visited three countries in the Persian Gulf region as part of the USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour and performed for troops stationed there. Jared finished the interview with a message to other musicians; “Keep playing. Never give up. Dream big and work for them but never forget your roots — that will help you remain who you are.”