Composer Alex Paul has made a clock that plays the evening prayers of the Catholics

This Christmas has been really special for composer Alex Paul. He launched the ‘Kurishu Mani’, a musical clock that plays the Catholic evening prayers. The clock, shaped like a cross, automatically plays the evening prayers at a stipulated time. The Angelus [Angelus meaning ‘the angel of the Lord’] prayer is usually recited in the morning, noon and evening.

“Although the prayer is in the form of prose, I have given it a tune,” says Alex. He set out to make the device for a reason. “I found that many Christian families have stopped saying the evening prayers. They prefer to watch the evening mass on television rather than chanting the prayers. I believe that evening prayer is a very important part of any religion. You just have to keep this clock at home and when it starts playing the prayers, automatically we would pay attention to it and recite along,” he says.

The product, which has been made using products from China, is being marketed by St James’ Church, Cheranelloor in Ernakulam district, the diocese to which Alex belongs to. “We are pleasantly surprised by the number of orders we have got. It is priced at Rs. 800 and up, depending on the material in which it is made. While some prefer plastic clocks, many want it in wood,” he says.

It was while working on his new institution, National Institute of Music Technology (NIMT), that Alex came upon this idea. “The institute is meant to help those musicians who can’t make it big in singing or composing. They would be taught how technology can help them as musicians. I believe Kurishu Mani is one such example where music and technology blended for a good cause,” says Alex, managing director of NIMT which starts its courses next month. The eight-minute prayer has been sung by Syamprasad, Ramesh Babu, Priya and Liji Francis.

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