D. Srinivas’ concert had the audience’s attention throughout.

Saptaswara Samskrutika Samstha, a sabha promoting Carnatic classical music, held a concert featuring D. Srinivas, a young veena artiste, at Thyagaraya Gana Sabha’s mini hall, last week. Mangalagiri Aditya Prasad, a musician and station director of All India Radio was the chief guest at the function and promised that he would see to it that Srinivas’s concerts are also broadcast over other stations of A.I.R., appreciating his presentation. Srinivas was in fact a top grade artiste of A.I.R. and one of the leading veena players in the state. On this occasion the sabha conferred on him the title of ‘Vainika Samrat’ for his exemplary position in this field.

The fact that Srinivas’s concert lasted for two and a half hours explains not only his wizardry, but also his rich repertoire.

Srinivas began the concert with an invocation in Nata of Mayuram Viswanatha Sastry in Adi talam, with a brief swarakalpana. He then played raga Bahudari packing it with aesthetics for the composition of Thyagaraja’s Brova Bharama. He played fine swarakalpana patterns that held the audience spellbound.

Later he came out with a submain number Neekela Dayaradu in Sarasangi in Khandachapu talam. This was a composition by Ramaswamy Sivan. NeekelaDayaraduLater he played a fast number Raghuvamsa of Patnam Subramanya Iyer in Kadanakutuhalam, Adi talam. Needayaraadu. Tani Avartanam by Karra Srinivas on mridangam and B. Janardan on ghatam was equally well received by the audience. Srinivas then concluded his concert with Ksheerasagara Vihara a mellifluous composition of Thyagaraja in Anandabhairavi in Khandachapu talam.