The Boriana Dimitrova Quartet performs compositions that merge western European jazz with elements of the folk music of Boriana’s home country, Bulgaria. The tradition of singing and dancing dates back to the very beginning of the country, and Boriana’s saxophone and flute make you hear the music of folk dances, of women singing and the lilt of a bagpipe.

Boriana tells stories in musical pictures, abundant with energy and emotion. Lyrical melodies that are deceptively light float on a dense carpet of bass and drum patterns.

Some of her pieces portray dramatic contrasts — they may begin as a light-footed tune, but unexpectedly surprise the listener with eruptive twists. The other members of the quartet pick up on this musical tension and channel it into virtuoso improvisations.

The Quartet will perform pieces such as Kopanica, Puls, Balkan Blues, Balada and Idea 5 from their album ‘Balkan Blues’. The new compositions to be showcased are based on ‘asymmetrical’ rhythms, similar to the myriad rhythms of Indian music. The secret of their unique style lies in the fusion of great musical traditions. Lastly, led by a woman who has broken the norm that a brass section is forbidden female territory, the Boriana Dimitrova Quartet carries its distinctness with élan. This performance is being staged with the support of the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and the Unwind Center.

A Balkan Feeling: The Boriana Dimitrova Quartet

November 5, Chowdiah Memorial Hall, 7.30 p.m.

Boriana Dimitrova: Saxophone and Flute

Jakob Dreyer: Bass

Lars Dahlke: Guitar

Niels-Henrik Heinsohn: Drums


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