There was special thirumanjanam at Thiru Velliyankudi divyadesam, on account of Sri Ramanavami.

At Thiru Velliyankudi

A special two-hour thirumanjana seva was the highlight of this year’s Sri Ramanavami utsavam at the Kolavilli Rama divyadesam, in Thiru Velliyankudi, 18 km from Kumbakonam.

The story goes that Sukracharya, the Asura’s preceptor, undertook penance here at Velliyankudi and regained his vision.

To this day, Sukra’s regained vision is said to be present inside this temple, burning in the form of a lamp called ‘Netra Deepam.’

For better vision

Belief is that a visit to this temple will cure devotees of their eye problems including helping regain lost vision.

Saddened by the fact that Viswakarma, the sculptor of the Devas, secured all the glory for the construction of the divyadesams and that he was sidelined, Maayan, the sculptor of the asuras, undertook penance here at Thiru Velliyankudi.

Pleased with his prayers, Lord Vishnu provided darshanwith Conch and Chakra.

However, Maayan was keen on a darshan of the Rama avatara which led Lord Vishnu to give away his Conch and Chakra to Garuda and provide darshan to Maayan as Rama, with his bow and arrow. Hence, the Lord here came to be referred to as Kola Villi Rama.

How to reach:

Board Kumbakonam – Chennai bus and get down at Sholapuram (12 km from Kumbakonam). Take an auto to the temple (six km) and come back again by the same auto to Sholapuram. Auto will cost about Rs. 200.