New Parliament of Ceylon

Ceylon's new Prime Minister, Mrs. Bandaranaike, is anxious that as many visitors as possible be allowed to witness the ceremonial opening of the new Parliament and with this object in view, the venue of the ceremonial opening is to be shifted from Parliament House to independence Square. The Cabinet is expected to take a decision regarding the date of the ceremonial opening. Meanwhile, the new House is scheduled to meet on August 5 to elect the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.

China and Nepal

The Chinese Premier, Mr. Chou-En-lai, in the course of his last letter to Nepalese Prime Minister, Mr. B.P. Koirala talked of the “sinister objective” of those who, in his view, “sought to change and undermine” friendship between Nepal and China following the border incident at Mustang. According to an English version of the letter released in Kathmandu on July 25, Mr. Chou-En-lai said: “The Chinese Government is glad to note that because both sides (China and Nepal) have taken an attitude of friendship and understanding, this incident (at Mustang) has been dealt with promptly and satisfactorily.” Mr. Chou added: “And those, who by every means sought to change and undermine friendship between our two countries have failed to attain their sinister objective. I believe Your Excellency will surely agree, it would be meaningless and unprofitable for the two sides to continue to argue over the place of the incident.”

Building collapse

The Chhota Chhatar Manzil – one of the historic landmarks of Lucknow – collapsed on July 24 burying under its debris files, records and furniture of about half a dozen offices of the U.P. Government housed in it. Four clerks and two chowkidars, president in the building at the time of the collapse, had a providential escap. They rushed out in time as the building was crumbling.

Etna erupts

Explosions at 15-minute intervals hurled red hot rocks into the sky when activity resumed in north-east crater of Mount Etna on July 26. A series of fresh tremors were also recorded.