Renovation is under way at Sri Kothandaramar Temple, Patteeswaram.

Kothandaramar temple in Patteeswaram, whose legend dates back to the Ramayana, is receiving a face lift. The temple, in its current form, is believed to date back to the 16 Century A.D.

The mix of granite and brick construction seems to indicate that this temple may have seen renovation during different periods in history and different rulers may have played a role in the construction of the temple though there are no specific records to substantiate this fact. In centuries gone by, the landmark to this place was denoted as being South of Arasalaru and North of Mudicondan river.

In the eighth Century A.D, Pallava king Nandivarman II built the beautiful Nandipura Vinnagaram – Jagannathan Perumal Temple (Divyadesam), a few km East of Patteeswaram giving this region a grand stature and a rich place in history. Subsequently, the Chola rulers – Rajaraja, Rajendra and Kulothunga – made this an integral part of their kingdom from where they made several important decisions.

Liberation from dosham

Legend has it that, after defeating and killing Ravana, Rama visited Patteeswaram, where He installed a Siva lingam (referred to as Rama Linga) at the Thenu Pureeswara temple (half a km East of the Rama Temple) and performed puja invoking the blessings of Lord Siva to liberate Him from Chaaya Hathi dosham that had struck him as a result of killing Vaali, by hiding behind a tree. Later, Devas arrived here and requested Rama to provide darshan in a kalyana kolam at this place.

There is another story that says Pattu Saali Maha Rishi invoked the blessings of Rama on behalf of silk weavers of this place who were going through troubled times.

The temple with such rich historical and mythological background is being renovated. The mandapam, flooring, roof and madapalli are all being refurbished. The temple tasks also include electrical, plumbing and painting works that are being undertaken.

New vahanams, in the place of the old ones, which are said to have existed once upon a time, will be given a new look. Donations are solicited to complete this religious endeavour at the earliest. Those interested may contact 98405 78704.

How to reach: Pateeswaram is about eight km from Kumbakonam. One may reach the temple by taking an auto (for Rs. 125) from the Kumbakonam railway station.

Buses are available every half hour from Kumbakonam Bus stand (Aavoor bound buses).

Quick Facts

Lord Rama performed special puja to Lord Siva to liberate Him from the Chaaya Hathi dosham.

Near by temples are: Gopinatha Perumal Temple (one km West), Jagannathan Perumal Divyadesam in Nathan Koil (four km East), Sundaraperumal Koil (four km West) and Kalinga Nardhana Temple in Oothukadu (12 km South West).

Devas requested Rama to provide darshan in a kalyana kolam at this place.

Moolavar: Kalyana Ramar is seen in a standing posture facing East.

Utsavar: Kothanda Ramar.

Time: 8 a.m.-12 noon and 5 p.m.-8.30 p.m.


Ten-day Navaratri.


Rama Navami Kalyana Utsavam.

Hanuman Jayanthi.

Thirty-day utsavam in Margazhi.

Highlights about the divyadesam.