That Rathi reunited with Manmatha here is another speciality of Tirunallur.

Situated in the village of Tirunallur, 25 km from Tiruvaiyaru, is the temple of Kamarathivalli sameda Karkotakeswarar temple. More than 1,000 years old, the temple, according to inscriptions, was built by Sundara Chola, also known as Rajakesarivarman.

Legend has it that serpent king Karkotaka worshipped Siva here to get rid of a curse. Relieved of a disease that sage Parishad’s curse had given him, the serpent king also granted a boon that snake venom would not kill the inhabitants of the place, an aspect residents of Tirunallur corroborate. This is believed to be pariharasthalam for Kataka raasi.

Rathi, Cupid’s consort also prayed to the presiding deities of this place to restore the original form to Manmatha. Burnt to ashes by the Third Eye of Siva, Manmatha got a new lease of life here. Hence the name Kamarathivalli for Ambal. The place therefore also goes by the name Rathivarapuram. Since Rathi reunited with Manmatha here, Tirunallur shrine is visited by devotees seeking reunion of separated couples, relief from troubles in married life, etc. The place is known as Kamarasavalli.

Renovation is on at this temple, which has such a rich background, and consecration is scheduled for February 9 and 10. For details contact 044-28152533, 9840053289 and 9940053289.


Tirunallur is 20 km from Tirumanur, 18 km from Ariyalur and 6 km from Elakurichi. Pilgrims can reach the destination from Thanjavur or Ariyalur through town bus or other modes of transport. The nearest airport is Tiruchi.

Temple time: 8 a.m.-12 noon and 5-8 p.m.