This is with reference to the article, ‘Centenary of a Scholar’ (Friday Review, June 18) by V.N. Vedanta Desikan. Sudarsana Thathacharya was fondly referred to as Chu Chu (short form of Sudarsana) Swamy by his friends and well wishers. I’ve had the fortune of knowing Chu Chu Swamy intimately from my childhood days in Kanchipuram. In spite of his rich Vedic knowledge and strict religious practices he was a very simple person who moved freely with everyone. At the Sri Kanchi Veda Parayana Goshti he would stand majestically in the front row reciting the Vedas.

It is heartening to note that Swamy’s son Ghantaavatara, grandson, great grandsons and a host of sishyas, besides their Vedic learning skills are also steadfastly following the spiritual path of Swamy.

K. Vasu

Ashok Nagar