The Mahaganapathi Vyakyartha Vidwat Sabha conducted by Sri Sringeri Sarada Pitam concluded on October 1 at ‘Sudharma’ on Dr. Radha Krishnan Salai. The 12-day deliberations culminated in a grand ceremony at which Sanskrit scholars were honoured. The venue wore a festive look, with a huge figure of Ganapati bestowing his benign look on the occupants.

The ancient tradition of Sanskrit Sadas was unique to Sri Dakshinamnaya Sarada Pitam, Sringeri, and Sri Bharati Tirtha Swami, reigning pontiff of the Pitam, kept the torch ablaze much to the delight of the Sanskrit-speaking community, observed Dr. Gowri Shankar, CEO and Administrative head.

Fostering Sanskrit and nurturing scholars were dear to the heart of the Swamiji, he added. Under his guidance, the number of those attending the conference had increased several fold, he said. The hall, overflowing with Vedic scholars, bore testimony to this. Another happy fact was that more and more were dedicating themselves to learning Sanskrit and the Vedas.

The sessions were presided over by the Swamiji himself, who addressed the gathering in chaste Sanskrit, before conferring titles and giving away awards to chosen pandits.

The Acharya released ‘Shivageetha Bhashyam,’ a commentary on Gita Upadesam by Lord Siva to Sri Rama written by Sri Abhinava Nrisimha Bharati Swami, 24 pontiff, ‘Vidwat Pratibha,’ a collection of articles presented by scholars in the 2011 Sadas and ‘Vedanta,’ a DVD containing Sri Bharati Tirtha Swami’s Anugraha Bhashanam (Tamil) delivered during his Chatur Masya Vrata in Chennai.

The following scholars were honoured:

Recipients of the golden ring: Sri Swaminathan (Tirupati) in the field of Vedanta Sastra, Sri Chandrasekhar Bhat (Sringeri, Vyakarna Sastara) and Sri O.S. Ramlal Sharma (Tirupati, Nyaya Sastra).

The title, ‘Darshana Alankarah,’ was conferred on Sri Viswanatha Gopalakrishna Shastri, Rajahmundri, convenor of Sastra Poshaka Sabha run by Sri Sringeri Sarada Pitam. A renowned upanyasaka, Sri Shastri is an expert in nyaya, vyakarna,mimamsa and Vedanta sastras.