Reviving an age old custom after a gap of six decades, the Khan family in Erattupetta paid a ceremonial visit to the palace of the erstwhile royal family of Poonjar on Tuesday, the Uthradom day.

They were received with full honour by the current head of the family P. Keralavarma Raja.

According to legends, the Khan family provided the leaders of the Raja’s army before they were conquered and annexed by Marthanda Varma Maharajah of the former princely State of Travancore in the 18th century.

Legends claim that the Poonjar royal family has its origin in Madurai and the Khan family also traces its roots to Tamil Nadu. In fact, many of their relatives still live in Mettupalayam. Even after the annexation of the princely state, the Khan family used to pay a visit to their erstwhile Cheiftain during the time of Onam. They were received with honour and given ‘Anchekaalum Koppum’ (5.25 idangazhi of rice and provisions that go along with it) by the Raja.

The ceremony, discontinued for the last six decades, was revived at the behest of the local people in December 2008 during a public meeting organised to celebrate Christmas.

The Khan family members had arrived on Tuesday with farm produces. Senior family member P.E. Mohammed Zakeer led the ceremonies for the Khan family while the head of the royal family Mr. Keralavarma Raja led the other side.

Reflecting the new realities, peoples’ representatives Anto Antony MP, P.C. George MLA, and others were also present at the occasion.