Nestled in a picturesque village called Tekkalore, five kilometers from Tiruttani, is a small but an ancient temple, more than 700 years old, belonging to the late Pallava and early Chola period. This was certified by Prof. Narasimhachari, retired from the dept of Archaeology, Tami Nadu Govt,

who visited Tekkalore to assess the antiquity of the temple.

Sri Karimanikka Soundaraja Perumal, the presiding deity of this temple, can be worshipped with His Consorts, Sri Devi and Bhudevi on either side. The beautifully chiselled features of the deities of Soundaraja Perumal and that of Sri Devi are proof that they belong to the Pallava period, while that of Bhu Devi has a rounded face belonging to the early Chola period. The shape of the gopuram, described as ‘Nellika,’ and the rectangular shape of the sanctum sanctorum are proof of the temple's antiquity.

The village, which is sparsely populated, has a school for children in the lower classes and those in the higher classes have to go to Tiruttani.

When temple festivals such as Panguni Uthiram and Chitra Pournami are celebrated more than two hundred pilgrims, whose ancestors belonged to the village, attend regularly.

The temple renovation is underway and Samprokshanam will take place soon after that. Donations, for the same, are welcome. Contributions may be sent to M.R. Srinivasan, treasurer, Tekkalore Charitable trust, at 1A, 24, Poes Garden, Chennai 600 086.