Event: Shanmukha Sarma gave a talk on Srimadajjada Aadibhatla Narayanadas. A. RAMALINGA SASTRY

Evolving an artistic mix of pure expression in all performing arts, Srimadajjada Aadibhatla Narayanadas made his life an exemplum for ever. He was not only a creative writer and poet but also a Vaggeyakara being a composer of Harikathas. Aadibhatla creatively wrote in both prose and poetic idioms both in chaste and colloquial idioms of Telugu besides Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, English and Persian, explicated Shanmukha Sarma who rendered a discourse on Aadibhatla's literary works with special emphasis on his magnum opus Jagajjyothi. Sanskrutika Sabha Samakhya organised the programme for three days at Gurajada Kalakshetram.

Sarma to start with, gave a brief account of many of Aadibhatla's literary works along with his translations of Vishnu Sahasranamam, Navarasatarangini etc., into Telugu. Taking up Jagajjyothi, Sarma for most of the time on the last two days delved deep into its make-up that comprised of a variety of subjects ranging from ayurveda to astronomy, natures effect on the wit, wisdom and ingenuity of mankind, results of some scientific experiments conducted by himself on getting oriented towards the north ; music, its scale, evolution, the basic make-up of veena that stands comparable to the spinal chord of human beings and so on. He later explained in detail how the theory and practice of existentialism was thus dealt at length in the book with pertinent examples. Summing up, Sarma critically analysed how Aadibhatla eruditely with a philosophical approach discussed and painted a panorama of human values, aspirations from the scriptural and spiritual stand point of view.

Commemorating Bharata Sarma

Shanmukha Sarma was also involved at the function held at Sree Sankara Matham.It was held commemorating the 77th birthday of Avadhana Saraswathi Perala late Bharata Sarma. Sarma was the chief speaker at the function at which the audio cassette of Saradananda Lahari scripted by Perala was released. The function was organised under the auspices of Viswanadha Sahitya Peetham established by the Avadhana Saraswathi himself as he was the dearest disciple of the Kavi Saamrat Late Viswanaatha Satyanarayana and now managed by his sons Perala Balakrishna and Sitarama Prabhu. MLA Malla Vijaya Prasad and noted writer Peri Ravi Kumar were guests of honour.

Shanmukha Sarma with special emphasis on Bharata Sarma's Saradananda Lahari described it as gleams of soulful inspiration drawn from Soundarya Lahari. Devotees of Amba Sarada go ecstatic describing her as the exquisitely embodied beauty of Saratrithu (winter), Perala also went so describing the attributes of the presiding deity of the Srigeri Peetham, Sarada. No wonder, he creatively made his poetry achieve such beauty and the status of a Mahakavya, concluded Sarma.