Leela Samson Director of Kalakshetra answers queries about Rukmini Devi's vision for the Koothambalam, why Orissa craftsmen were engaged and not those from Mamallapuram , and her response to the sculptures: “I suppose Rukmini Devi's vision for the Koothambalam was that it should be used as the perfect space for Indian art to be showcased.

“The renovation was undertaken as it (Koothambalam) had started showing signs of deterioration - leaking and inadequate technical facilities besides being hot and dusty.

“Orissa stone craftsmen were engaged as the original drawings had the Oriya carvings and the stone being softer allows for carving more detail.

“The original designs were provided for them which were then redrawn with more detail by the sthapati. I'm delighted with their work - they were the best. The sculptures will be placed around the Koothambalam at the designated places according to the drawings and the vaastu.”

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Exquisite touch of OrissaNovember 3, 2011