A large number of devotees offered prayers to Sri Thadikonda Iyyanar, a noted temple near Perankulam in the town on the occasion of ‘maha kumbabhishekam' on Monday.

Amidst religious fervour, the holy ‘kudams' containing the waters were taken from the ‘yagasalai' and poured on the ‘kalasams' of the vimanams of Sri Iyyanar, Sri Vinayagar, Sri Purna Pushkalai Amman shrines and other shrines.

The playing of the ‘janda melam' by artistes from Kerala added to the religious fervour.

The hereditary trustee of the temple R. Panjali said that special puja was performed for four ‘kalams' at the end of which the Sivachariars took the holy waters to the vimanams. C. Selvaraj, coordinator for the kumbabhishekam, said that the idol was the family god of the kings of the Pudukottai dynasty in the past.

The ‘mandalabhishekam' would be held for 48 days from Tuesday. Free distribution of food marked a part of the celebrations.