The150-year-old Varadaraja temple situated in Broadway, Chennai, has a silver idol of Nadadur Ammal, the grandson of Acharya Ramanuja’s nephew. The temple is now under Balalayam, and is being renovated at a cost of 45 lakhs.

Nadadur Ammal (1165 A.D. – 1275 A.D.), who was awarded the title, ‘Sri Bhashya Simhasanam’ by Ramanuja himself, recognised the seeds of greatness in Swami Desika, even when the latter was a child of three.

A separate sannidhi for Nadadur Ammal is going to be built at the temple, where the idol to be installed will be a unique one of Nadadur Ammal with child Desika on his lap. A sannidhi for Lord Srinivasa is also being built. Those who wish to contribute may contact V.S. Karunakarachariar at 93839 46438, or N.A. Sridharan at 9940029541.