Funds are solicited to complete work at this temple in Tiruveezhimizhalai.

Sri Bhadravalli samedha Sri Bhadravalliswarar temple, Tiruvizhimizhalai, Tiruvarar, is awaiting consecration scheduled for November 30. Hundreds of years old, the temple lies south of the more famous Sri Brahatgujambal sameda Sri Vizhinathar temple. It sank under ground and remained buried until the deity, Sri Bhadravalliswarar indicated His presence to Sri Venkatasubramania Ganapadigal, who unearthed the Siva temple, had it restored much to the delight of the local population. The Ganapadigal, incidentally, is the grandfather of Harikatha legend Sri Balakrishna Sastrigal.

The story goes that Bhadravalli, a woman, got cured of epilepsy by taking a dip in the temple tank, Vali Tirtham. It is believed that a bath in the tank and lighting a lamp in the temple on six consecutive Sundays bring relief from epilepsy and nervous ailments. Another speciality is the rare form of Vinayaka, who is found carrying a money bag. He is worshipped for a prosperous and debt-free life.

Neglected, the temple fell into ruins and was taken up for renovation by Sri Balakrishna Sastrigal’s family with the blessings of the Tiruvavaduturai Adeenam and the support of the villagers and Mahalakshmi Subramaniam. Work is progressing at a steady pace but funds are needed to complete work.

Rituals begin on November 28 to culminate in the consecration of the shrines, 9.10-9.20 a.m. Mahabishekam at 10 a.m. will be followed by Tirukkalyanam. Procession of utsava deities at 7 p.m. will bring the curtain down.

Presiding over the ceremonies on all the days will be the heads of various maths and other spiritual leaders. Sankara TV will live telecast the proceedings. For details contact 9444025239, 9840053289 and 9443973629.