It was an arduous journey. But faith was what kept the Sai devotees from Chennai, Chandramouli, and his eight friends - B. M. Shridhar Gupta, Karthikeyan, T. D. Ashok Kumar, S. A. Anand, V. Mruthukrushnan, V. Balaji, T. S. Sanjay and M. Pandiaan – going when they undertook a journey to Shirdi, by foot.

The group covered the distance of 1,550 km from Chennai to Shirdi by walking 40 or 50 km each day. They began their journey from the Sai temple at Pattipulam, 45 km from Chennai, on August 1, and reached Shirdi on August 30.

As they had Sai darshan at the temple, they could not control their tears of happiness. Chandramouli said this was his third trip to Shirdi by foot, and he believed the blessings of Sai Baba is what kept him going..

In Shirdi, the group was welcomed by the Sai temple officials including the PRO Mohan Yadav, Raghunath Aher and Anil Bhananage.