Essaying the title role in popular television serial “Heena’ earned Simone Singh wide recognition. She has acted in many Hindi films too. Having been acclaimed for her role in the film “Being Cyrus”, she has moved back to the small screen after a gap of nine years.

She is playing the role of a Kolkata-based powerful businessperson and mother named Sakshi in a thriller drama “Ek Hasina Thi” which went on air this month.

Recently in the Capital to promote the serial she spoke to The Hindu Friday Review.

You are making a comeback after a long period.

Yes, I took a break to maintain the balance in my personal life. When televisions serials became daily soap operas one had to shoot all the thirty days in a month, so it became very difficult to allocate time for family and self. Now the scenario has changed, it has become organized.

Describe the character Sakshi enacted by you in the serial “Ek Hasina Thi”. What character are enacting in the serial “Sakshi”?

I am playing the role of a Kolkata-based businessperson Sakshi and a doting mother who always stands by her son through thick and thin. . So there is a negative shade in the character portrayed by me.

The location of most of the television serial stories of television serials is Mumbai or Gujarat. In this serial Kolkata is the location. Any specific reason?

Actually script has been written keeping Kolkata in mind. The series depicts the culture and tradition of Kolkata. And also this is not the first time that a serial has Kolkata as the background.

With the story being located in a different city, will the viewers get to watch a different plot too?

Yes, it has a different plot from most of the shows of today. It is the story of a woman named Durga, seeking justice for a crime committed in the past. She steps out of the limitations imposed by traditions and uses her own reason to conquer the mighty.

This is also the story of her clash with the character Sakshi enacted by me.

Having acted in serials and films, Last, you have acted in both T.V Series and film, how do you select the script?

The story has to be convincing with a well written character. Also the director and the team making the film are important.