“I got 70 per cent marks,” says Reshmi Soman. A phone call to interview the actress who is returning to the mini-screen after three years caught her in an effervescent mood. She could not stop giggling while referring to the marks she scored for her postgraduation in Business Administration (MBA). Reshmi, who acted in serials such as ‘Thaali’, ‘Akshayapathram’, ‘Bharya’, ‘Swararagam’, ‘Sapatni’, ‘Akkarapacha’ and ‘Makalude Amma’, before taking a break, is delighted to be back with ‘Penmanassu’ on Surya TV. Excerpts from an interview with the artiste:

What kept you away?

I was studying. I always wanted to do my MBA. I did not go for any coaching classes, but still got through the entrance test. That was quite thrilling. I did not want to miss out on that opportunity and completed the course from a regular college. Attendance was strict, so there was no question of squeezing in time for serials. I finished my course, did projects and scored good marks as well (laughs).

Why studies?

It is such an important thing as far as I am concerned. I have seen many artistes who are not educated and therefore don’t know what to do when they don’t have work on television or cinema. Not every artiste has that calibre to start a business or do something on their own to earn a living. I’ve always tried to balance my studies and work, but couldn’t appear for the final year degree exams because I didn’t have enough attendance. However, later on, I completed my graduation in commerce. There was a time when I did five serials at a time. Yet I managed to complete my studies. If you are educated, that definitely increases your self-esteem. I may or may not go for work but at least I can do something for others.

On her comeback

Offers to act were always there, but I was not ready to drop my studies. Once I finished it, I thought ‘Why not?’ After all I belong to this industry. I liked the script of ‘Penmanassu’ and said yes. It is a family story, with enough mystery surrounding certain characters. I play two characters. One is Aleena who gets killed in the first episode. But she returns and her real intentions are yet to be revealed. So, wait and watch! I am quite pleased by the response I got.

In the limelight

I was into all kinds of extra-curricular activities in school. P. T. Kunju Mohammed sir saw me at a dance event and gave the role in Magrib, my debut film. I was in class six then. Later I did small roles in many movies, before I was launched as a heroine in Ishtamaanu Nooruvattam. Actor Madhu who saw me in Varnapakkittu offered me a role in his production, ‘Hari’, a serial which was aired on Doordarshan. The roles that made me popular were those in ‘Thaali’ and ‘Akshayapathram’.


Not now. I am comfortable in serials. Soon after I did my first movie as a heroine, I understood that I was not comfortable with doing certain scenes. Slowly I shifted to serials and I am happy with the work I get on the small screen.