Kalakshetra in association with Visakha Art and Dance Academy (VAADA) organised a dance programme to mark the 87th birth anniversary of Kuchipudi maestro Vempati Chinna Satyam. The event, which took place at Kalabharati in Visakhapatnam, saw performances by students of Vempati Chinna Satyam Kuchipudi Kalaskhetra that stood out for their enviable team spirit.

A host of promising budding artistes presented an impressive string of dances from devotional fervour to depiction of Dasavataras displaying remarkable exuberance both in footwork and expression as well as a sincere effort in the exposition of subtle nuances of the piece taken up. . With their artistic enthusiasm at its best, each artiste in the team performed well. Technical craft apart, their elegant stage presence itself ensured a good response.

The session commenced with Ganesha koutwam, an invocatory piece in praise of Lord Ganesh. Brindavana Nilaye of Uttukad Venkata Subbiah found an alluring interpretation in dance idiom where the bewitching charms of the divine love between Radha and Krishna in Brindavan and its magical spell around stood well delineated in gestural vocabulary. In the presentation of Mandooka Sabdam, the artistes displayed a good grasp of the poignant shades of expression. The way they depicted Gajendra moksham was given excellent treatment in dance. Marakatha Manimaya Chela was elaborately performed lending expression to the varied aspects of Lord Krishna’s captivating beauty.

The Dasavataram piece stood out for its complex footwork and statuesque postures depicting the ten cosmic incarnations of Lord Vishnu in the kinetic language of Kuchipudi. Both in expression and execution of intricate postures in coalescence with the lyrical shades of description, the artistes displayed remarkable talent. In the Sivashtakam, the grace and grandeur of Lord Siva’s cosmic dance and its rhythmic resonance in the universe found captivating expression. Lakshmi prevesa daruvu from the ballet Ksheera Sagara Madhanam was well-received and a vivacious tillana capped the session.