D.S. Aditi imbibed the best from her guru Geetha Ganeshan.

Bharatanatyam exponent guru Geetha Ganeshan’s disciple D.S. Aditi gave a fantastic performance at the Youth Festival organised by Kalasagaram at Key high School, Secunderabad recently. She proved to be a gifted dancer even in undergoing complicated jatis with freedom and perfection. She excelled in abhinaya too.

Others on the ensemble were Rajagopalachari on mridangam, Saikumar on violin, Duttratreya on flute and Srikanth providing special effects. These are all seasoned artistes enjoying high reputation.

After the traditional opening numbers Pushpanjali and Vinayaka Sthuti, she presented Ananda Ganapatim in Nata of Othukadu Venkata Subbaiyer. This number on Balakrishna penned by Rajee is obvious that it was to present Balakrishnas’s childhood acts. The way Aditi presented many episodes from child Krishna was impressive, particularly the ease with which she essayed the roles and the situations.

There was a Telugu javali of Dharmapuri Subbarayer featuring ‘Swadheenapatika’ heroine who displays her pride in her lord’s traits. Aditi presented the entire episode with a gamut of emotions.

Later she performed to a ‘slokam’, verse in Sanskrit — a presentation in Abhinaya bringing into focus the Navarasas (nine moods) basically woven around Lord Siva. She ended her recital with a tillana of Madurai N. Krishnan in Brindavana Saranga.