Natanakaishiki presented traditional items with a folk touch.

Natanakaishiki, the Mohiniyattam wing of Natanakairali in Irinjalakuda, performed in Kochi recently. Each of the items was long in content and form. Most of the dance pieces from the traditional repertoire were restyled and presented in the ‘desi' mould by Nirmala Panicker.

Ode to the goddess

The first item was ‘Polipattu,' where the dancer Sudharma offered her worship to various forms of the goddess such as Rudra, Neeli, Kali and Karumali, while praying for the well being of one and all. Her movements were precise, restrained and supple. She displayed an innate sense of rhythm. Reju Narayanan's vocals for the ragamalika were expressive.

Umadevi presented ‘Kurathipattu,' in the tradition of Kuraivanji or (lady palmist), that is assimilated in Bharatanatyam and other dance forms. There was a lot of involvement and grace in Umadevi's abhinaya achieved more balance and style.

Both the dancers came together to present ‘Eeshal' in Anandabhairavi set to the unique Kerala tala of Ayyadi. The item portrays goddesses Lakshmi and Parvati, initially, finding faults with the other's husband and finally coming together in friendship, symbolising the confluence of Vaishnavite and Saivite traditions of worship. The piece was well coordinated. The music of Kathakali was adapted for the piece and the maddalam played by Kalamandalam Prakashan was the highlight of the whole show.

The programme was organised by ICCR and Kerala Fine Arts Society.